Introducing the New Equisteam Hay Steamer

  • Efficient and Effective

    We use more efficient dynamics to reach the high temperatures required to kill mould and bacteria while reducing respirable particles that contribute to Heaves and COPD.

  • Stainless Steaming

    Our Stainless Steel steam element and Hay Grille better resist the high temperatures & corrosive organics that rapidly degrade common materials.

  • Modular and Flexible

    Steam with one, two or more Steamer Bins - start small and add-on as required. Works with your own Steam Generator if you already have one! Go all the way with one of our DIY kits and use your own Bins or Boxes.

  • More Colours

    Colour code your Steamers with your Horse's favourite colour from our great range! #matchymatchymysteamer

EquiSteam Key Features

  • 1.

    Thick-walled Bin with Removable Lid

    Light and easy to move, clean, store and take on trips. Our polyproplylene bin is thicker and made in the UK! It can handle high temperatures (and low ones). We think it looks pretty good too.

  • 2.

    Clamp-down Lid

    Easy to lock down while Steaming, moving and storing. Handles and clamps also hold Hay-nets while filling - that's handy!

  • 3.

    Heavy-duty Handles

    Handles moulded into the Bin take any weight (more than you can lift anyway) and can be used to hang the bin from storage hooks.

  • 4.

    The perfect shape for Hay-nets and Loose Hay

    Easily fit a large Hay-net without having to stuff it into the corners.

  • 5.

    Quick Release Steamer Attachment

    Quickly attach any Steamer in single or dual-operation using our no-trip Hoses (we make 'em just long enough to empty a Bin, but not long enough to get underfoot, wire reinforced too).

  • 6.

    Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Element

    Our proprietary Steam Element is tough and tangle-free, delivering Steam through and around Hay to wet and steam it faster. 

  • 7.

    Stainless Steel Hay Grille

    Our proprietary Hay Grille is corrosion resistant and maximises Steam Flow around your Hay while keeping it out of the runoff that collects at the bottom.

  • 8.

    Optional Soaker Drain

    Avoid getting soaked with our Optional Soaker Drain, easily connected to any garden hose.

Did we mention the colours?

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